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What is American Airlines Elite Status?

American Airlines Elite status is the classification made by the organization for their clientele as their preferred customer and is provided with additional benefits that are not available to the general public. It offers customers both an incentive to become a frequent customer and a reward for ongoing brand loyalty. It makes every effort to protect the online order information of the customer by using secure socket layer (SSL) technology. In case of any issue regarding the service you can contact on American Airlines Reservations Number to avail instant help. American airlines reservations provide a convenient and luxurious journey to the customer upto best of its efforts.


American Airlines Elite Status offers the following levels:


  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • AAdvantage Platinum
  • AAdvantage Gold



  • EQM (Elite Qualifying Miles) is the total percentile representation of actual miles flown which include applicable minimum mileage guarantees based on the airline and the booking code you have purchased. Final EQM is calculated by evaluating the airline and booking code flawn used in the base. An AAdvantage member need to possess a base of 500 EQM for flights under 500 miles on America and one worldwide airline.  


It can be earned by exceeding the net purchase for $20000 each calendar year (you can earn upto 10000 EQM each year).

  • EQSs (Elite Qualifying Segments) represent the total segments that you have earned on the eligible purchase of tickets for flights either on American or partner airlines.
  • EQDs (Elite Qualifying Dollars) are the awards which are directly based on the price of the tickets. It includes base fare and carrier imposed fees but does not consider the taxes imposed by the government and the fees on American Airlines marketed flights. The earning of flights which are executed by oneworld carrier can earn their Elite Qualifying Dollars on the basis of distance of the flight and also on the fare class which is purchased.